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Annie Fisher's debut novel

in a generation raised without god, who do we turn to when one of our own is dying?


Alexandria and Elijah were always looking for something they never found.

A painter, a traveller, a friend- Alexandria is dying of cancer.

Elijah- a poet and adventurer- would do anything to stop it

In Alexandria’s mother's home by the sea,
they will return to each other at the end of her life,
to try to find some kind of peace
and hope for just a little more time to figure things out.

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Told from Elijah's point of view 3 years after the novel takes place: he revisits the time he, David, Lily and Margo spent together when Alexandria was alive. Together they remember the good and bad parts, the sacred space they constructed for themselves and the things they tried to believe in when it felt like their own world was ending.
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The Greater Picture


The Greater Picture!

I was completely drawn in by the melodic prose and the unique focus on terminal cancer, religion and trying to find yourself as death draws closer. I loved how philosophy and storytelling is so deftly woven into the narrative.”

- Madeline Milburn, agent to author of Girl on a Train.

"extremely promising"

- Mark Stanton, agent to Paul Torday's novel  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.